Rotorua – a farter’s delight

Today was another transfer day – Tauranga to Rotorua so there are very few photos so far.

En route we stopped at a Kiwi Fruit Farm (that’s not a NZ farm selling or growing fruit but growing and selling Kiwi fruit).

There’s not much excitement in watching Kiwi fruit grow but it was fascinating to learn how they are a key agricultural product. I always thought they grew in low bushes but they are more akin to grape vines.

Kiwi fruit ‘vines’

On arrival we left our bags at the hotel and en masse rocked up at the Rotorua Skyline for a gondola ride up to the luge runs – longer than Queenstown – and the first in the world and also offers three grades of runs. After the first lesson we took the basic run but we lads weren’t content with that so went straight to the advance run for the next five runs before a final basic run.

The most amazing fun and I can confirm that in the private contest between the TM and myself (4-0 to the TM after the Queenstown leg), the final score was 7-4 to the TM; and hence a worthy winner of the inaugural Hoke Poke Ice Cream Cup for Kiwi lugeing 2019.

Hoke Poke Ice Cream Cup winner 2019

Back to the hotel and a short wander around Rotorua’s CBD.

Rotorua is renowned for its Maori history and culture as well as geothermal activity, geysers and mud pools etc. One product of this volcanic activity is the smell of bad eggs (Hydrogen Sulphide) in the air at all times. This fart-like smell or odour is a farter’s delight – I’m sure the more genteel readers I have will not understand what farts are but I guarantee every man does!

Rotorua race course (as seen from hotel balcony)
Rotorua Skyline

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