Australia v Sri Lanka – today I lost my (T20) virginity

Ok…I can expect a level of opprobrium from friends and colleagues in that I said that I would never go to a T20 match but given that a) it’s a recognised format of the game and b) Steve Smith would be playing, then it’s time to swallow one’s principles and go along to see a game especially if it’s Australia v Sri Lanka when I happened to be in the same city!

Underneath the Moreton Bay fig iconic view!

Was I disappointed? Well, yes. In that SL did not really turn up…and when they did it was like a 5th XI at a Sunday afternoon vicarage tea party,..they were dire! And that’s the best four letter term to use!

Warner scored a hundred (off the last ball of the innings), Maxwell 60+ at more than a run a ball and with one bowler’s analysis at 0-75 off fours overs (yes, that’s nearly 20 an over) then this is not really cricket as it should be played! Australia made 233/2 off their 20 overs!

Did I see Smith bat? No! Bowl? No! Field..yes a bit, it was only a cursory performance!

Steve Smith …light duties

Sri Lanka were as abject as batting as they were in the field making only 99 in their 20 overs! An international side? An international game ? No…I would be inclined to make a claim under the Trades Decsription Act!

Overall it confirmed my pre-conceived view that T20 is a batsman’s game, bowlers are just cannon fodder and the aim of the game is to entertain the crowd and fill the TV audience with a few hours of entertainment and a several hours of repeats!

Yes..the required rate is 822 runs per over!

But as an experience amongst chums and friends, then now we’re talking!

So which is more important/relevant?

Well…you pay your money and take your choice!

As a cricket match, it’s a spectacle devoid of meaning and relevance.

As an experience or an introduction to cricket…then invaluable!

Would I go again to see a T20 game? It all depends on who is playing and where but my inclination is to go and watch a game of cricket? Who knows?

And worth 40 Aussies dollars? (Say 25 sterling)…well, yes but what would be the price back in the UK?

So…I’ve lost my virginity as a T20 watcher! Losing it in Adelaide to an Aussie rampant team, then that’s something else!

Downtown Adelaide…tourist photos

From 37C on Thursday to an Antarctic-fed 15C yesterday, today is pleasantly warmer (close to 20C) but appearances are deceptive! It’s not as warm as it looks!

So..whilst one of my camera lenses was being repaired (thank you Qatar Airways for some mishandling during the several security checks along the way), I took to the streets of Adelaide’s CBD for some architectural photos of the more quirky side of Adelaide.

Somehow I was drawn inexplicably to the Adelaide Oval (they’re preparing for the first international of the season there tomorrow) but I saw no one famous so headed back to the CBD.

For all my tourist/photo followers here are a few to be going on with…(by the time I get back to the UK I’ll have hundreds more and can bore people to death…so if I invite you round for the evening to look at my holiday snaps!!!).

Pig in a trough
London has bikes…Adelaide has scooters
Reflecting balls in Rundle Mall
An Aussie thong
Sculpture of cast iron piano
Sculpture in the North Terrace

No – its not rain or water…this sculpture in the North Terrace is meant to be like this!

Reflecting fountains – University of Adelaide
Former colonial king…forgotten which one!
And all roads lead here!