Rotorua – a must for the bucket list

Today is a full tourist day spent in Rotorua; renowned for its geothermal action of geysers, mud pools, hot springs and so forth. A town built around these features with most of them within a reasonable travelling distance and coupled with Maori villages, it’s a tourist hit.

The town itself is somewhat nondescript but surrounding the low rise shops, malls and eateries are more hotel rooms than you can probably shake a stick at.

So very few words from me in this blog – other than you must come and see for yourself – and I’m going to let the photos do all the talking. There are loads more I could upload but then what would I have to show people when I show them my holiday snaps?

One of the world famous geysers of Rotorua- the power needed is immense
Day started with a Maori cultural show

Audience participation in learning the Haka

This weeks spellings to learn are…

Steam vent used as an oven

Mud pools – my video camera work needs attention I know!

And finally…Donald Trump appears in steam from geyser in Rotorua

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