Craziness in a crazy town – who’d notice?

Queenstown is world renowned for the place where bungy jumping first started and the craziness has just grown from there. Here you can throw yourself off any and every height. Paragliding, bungy jumping, white water rafting, mountain biking are just a few.

However, the group enjoyed hurtling down a mountainside on the luge track last week so much that we decided to spend our last full day here being completely crazy and having this thrill several times.

Completely crazy but who’d notice? One young person asked our advice about the luge and clearly didn’t believe how crazy we were/are! I’m taking that as the ultimate compliment in this crazy place.

However, the views from the gondola and the top of the mountain are even more striking than before; in essence they change with such regularity as the weather changes that no two days or even hours are the same.

So…hurtling myself six times down the luge track was just the greatest fun and thrill…even allowing for the cold wind on the chair lift and its unscheduled stopping at times. If…no, when you come to NZ and Queenstown you MUST try the luge…and remember ‘once is never enough’!

A few more photos showing the sheer beauty of this place. Probably no blog tomorrow as it’s a travel day in readiness for the First Test. So, tourist readers beware…cricket takes over by the end of the week!