An angel in Chelmsford

At the County Ground, Gloucestershire needed more than an angel or other supplication to overcome a rampant Essex side who won by an innings and 3 runs in just over two days play. On each day, and even today’s morning session, the over rate was exemplary – only extending play by 20 mins across the two days and each day’s quota being more than a Test match day. But I’ll leave my thoughts on over rates to another time.

Every knife from off the streets and blunted to make this statue

With extra spare time, I decided to take a look at the Knife Angel sculpture which is touring the UK and is currently being hosted by Chelmsford. The following photos say more than I can except that over 100,000 knives from 43 constabularies were taken off the streets and made into this statue.

The light plays magnificently across the statue showing that there is always light and violence never solved anything.

Would recommend all of my Essex readers to come and take a look.

And the peace of downtown Chelmsford

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