You’re going to need more paint!

Singapore tourist – part deux

This place just keeps on giving money shot after money shot when it comes to tourist photos. So make sure when I invite you to see all my ‘holiday snaps’ that you’ve got plenty of paint you’d rather watch dry because you could be some time looking at them all! 🤣🤣

Photos are primarily of the Botanical Gardens and the National Orchid Centre but a few others thrown in!

Don’t ask me the names of the flowers, I have no idea!
From behind the waterfall at 1/4000 sec
This is a strangling fig – in essence the fig is a parasite on the host tree which it eventually strangles to death!

Singapore is essentially how you’d build a city from scratch if you had to (leaving a few historical bits in place). Mostly bright and not too brash it does gleam in the sunshine. It’s tube system is bright and shiny too; it needs to move lots of people around very quickly and cheaply (car ownership is expensive) and the designers make each station bigger than some villages I know and very deep underground.

All the trains are driverless, the system automatic and very efficient; helped by Standup Stacey (give up your seat to someone deserving), Bag-Down Benny and Giveway Glenda! Interspersed with the occasional ‘you molest, we arrest’ signs underlined by 2 year prison terms and a caning for the guilty party!

And a bit of kite flying!

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