Nature’s calls and falls

Firstly apologies dear reader if you were expecting to see stunning photos, read words of wisdom or erudite analysis of the play at the Oval yesterday, well I’m sorry. Editors note – The photos…ok; wisdom and erudition – well, that’s a first!😜

The weather was bitterly cold, overcast and the play hokey-cokey (in, out, in, out) as to make the day disjointed in the extreme and not ideal cricket watching. Hence no blog!

However today at the Fortress holds more hope (the words ‘rail replacement bus service’ made the decision for me not to go back to the Oval) but overnight and early morning rain mean a delayed start, after two inspections. Try as they might to keep us amused, the PA announcer reading out the menus from the food outlets just doesn’t alleviate the waiting!

Anyway, third ball of the day and Bohannon departs to a snorter from Porter. And answer me this please, dear reader, the 12th men from both teams ran on with drinks! Why? Three balls, temperature cool but pleasant, relatively little exertion by most players – so why need a drink?

What became clear as the session progresses is that Essex have been drinking tea/coffee/water etc this morning as if it’s going out of fashion! The number of players needing toilet breaks is staggering and how the umpires can keep control is beyond belief!

In terms of the match, Lancashire are purposefully batting on and reach 137/4 after 100 minutes play. Jennings is batting well and into the 60s but the offering from the others so far has been disappointing. A lead of 125 and a day and a half to play.

And just after 3pm with another four hours of play likely, the PA advises that one catering outlet is about to close and the other will at 5pm! Customer service or what?

Perhaps they should read my ramblings from the Shield game in Adelaide when with numbers less than 50 in the ground, the full catering service was offered all day, every day! There are lessons to be learned! Or should we ask the teams 12th men to provide drinks later – after all, there’s plenty for each team! 😜

On the stroke of tea and Lancashire 167/4, the light April shower turns into something more meaningful as one of natures’ falls – a lead of 155, and I doubt any more play today. Could make tomorrow ‘interesting’!


Bell – looks a good prospect
Dane Vilas – cameo innings is probably overstating it!

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