Street art for an Adelaide tourist!

Adelaide is renowned for being a vibrant multi-ethnic forward thinking city with a whole range of initiatives, events, ideas and cultures yet retaining an appreciation and value of the past.

One area which is not so well known is its street art. So armed with a self-guided tour map (in essence a map showing where the art is but leaving it to you to find them) off I trotted today.

Not knowing what I was looking for, where precisely I could find it and, most importantly, trying to work which direction was which (the sun peaks in the north here so my northern hemisphere brain was completely fuddled) I came across the following.

Apologies for the sheer number but the variety was just too great to summarise properly.

Adelaide bus station!
Not Street art but architecture!
Rundle Mall balls
I’ll leave it to you to decide who/which group this represents with their snout in the trough!

3 thoughts on “Street art for an Adelaide tourist!

  1. Wow – they’re amazing! Loved the pig eating the rubbish!!

    Anne ________________________________


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