‘You’re good, you know what you’re doing’

No one nowadays wants to look at your holiday snaps (used to be 36 on a roll so you wouldn’t have to endure too many!) as nowadays cameras are digital and the numbers taken are ‘large’.

But I must share these with you – the end of the tour tour trio visited Lake Hayes just outside Arrowtown today and were blown away by the sheer beauty of the place.

Before we get to the photos, I received feedback on a small sample of my cricket shots from a professional photographer of many years standing and status. He was passing (photographing the rare Australasian crested grebe) and we asked him to take a group photo. He obliged and we got talking – cricket, wildlife, royalty (he’d photographed many he said) – and I showed him a few of my favourites from this trip.

He was amazed of the quality given the camera I use and as he said farewell he said ‘you’re good, you know what you’re doing’ – I’m stoked!

But back to the photos – just enjoy


5 thoughts on “‘You’re good, you know what you’re doing’

  1. You’re right it’s stunningly beautiful, however, as to the compliment paid to you and if you happen to bump into him again, please tell him that it was bad enough when we just had to admire your cycling prowess but now that it’s your expertise as a photographer as well……🤪

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      1. I think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room. I really don’t think that I can cope with a famous cycling photographer…🤣🤣

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