End of tour tour

Into the full tourist ‘stuff’ now as I embark on an end of tour tour fly drive across the South Island. You’ve seen the odd photo of Lake Tekapo already but there’s no photos of the star gazing since:

a) it was late at night, b) it was dark and c) the nearest object to photograph is 4.3 light years away so my camera can’t focus that far.

To give you an idea, the light from Alpha Centauri (nearest star) left there in late 2018 and has just arrived! So when you look at stars you’re looking at what they used to be, not necessarily what they are now! Fascinating stuff!

The final few days are here in Queenstown one of the maddest places on the planet (they invented bungy jumping here, so you can gauge how crazy they are), so this is mainly photos of the most wonderful scenery, and the luge at the top of the mountain!

Who knows what’s in store for tomorrow?

The luge is a cross between a low-slung go-kart and a tea tray! Great fun!
This morning’s view – didn’t look promising but…