Brook – no argument!

Today is the first day of the second test of this short series and the first time at the Basin Reserve in Wellington for some time. The ground forms the centre of a roundabout and is, apparently, an extinct volcano.

Brook – take a closer look!
Basin Reserve

So, while some will go round and round in circles, others will bring bangs and explosions over the next five days.

Talking of going round and round, several tour groups have congregated in the hotel. The melee at breakfast shows what life could be like in a compos mentis care home – no one under 50, a number still high on Sanatogen and rudeness in abundance! The joys to look forward to!

NZ started with a bang taking three for 21 in no time – Crawley (why?), Pope and Duckett back in the Chatfield Pavilion – looks like two shipping containers on top of each other; but you need to remember, everything here is built to withstand earthquakes!

101/3 at lunch (lot better than 21/3); why persevere with Crawley? Out of touch; Brook 51 no and Root 23no steady the ship after early inroads on a very green top! Root seems to be enjoying this ‘standard’ approach to the day, whilst Brook is carrying on regardless! Probably a good combination!

Crawley – first delivery of the day

237/3 tea Brook 136 Root 72; Wagner 0/81 off 12 – surely the end is nigh for Neil? A fine combination this afternoon – Root batting as he used to (as I said earlier, he’s internally conflicted by bazball) and Brook building on his fine career start (average is close to Bradmanesque) but hasn’t had the chance yet to face all attacks of all qualities! Time will tell.

And so they press on! Records falling – highest 4th wicket partnership by England v NZ (or in NZ) but also Root and Wagner both went to their hundreds off the same ball – not something you see every day and not one Wagner will relish! Immediate break for rain – short showers expected – at 315/3; and that’s it for the day.

Brook reaches his highest test score with the power to add against, what must be said, a pretty bland attack on a pitch that looks like getting flatter and flatter.

And another close look needed.
How did you take those photos I hear you ask?

These green edged photos were taken through the hole at the top of a recycling bin – had to stop walking at the bowlers end, and this was the only view of the batter I could get!

One thing Brook doesn’t do is flatter – he’s the real deal!

Root – another hundred.
Allowed on the ground at lunch
A photo of people looking at grass – surreal in the extreme!
It can be cold in Wellington when the wind blows!
The only test ground with its own folly which in turn has a bird bath? That must be a record!


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