Wellington – don’t give it the boot!

Todays exciting adventure sees another transfer – from Rotorua to Wellington by domestic plane service and, for once, no security checks! But that seems to be par for the course.

For some reason these are outside the parliament building – have no idea what they represent!

Wellington is famous for its wind and that greeted us plus some rain. The forecast for the test is not brilliant from a weather perspective but within a few hours here, the sun has come out to show Wellington in a better light. It’s sunsetting time here as I write.

A bit of tourism after a review of domestic issues – been the first day since London that I’ve been able to empty the case properly!

The view from the cable car – more like a tube up the side of a steep hill – is supposed to be the best in Wellington and a leisurely walk down to the City centre via some pretty impressive parks and gardens culminating in stumbling upon the Beehive.

A few splashes of colour in the Botanical Gardens

The Beehive is the national parliament building and is supposed to signify the hive of activity inside. Like some/most/all parliament (delete as appropriate) buildings more in theory than practice but as such buildings go…impressive nonetheless.

Views of the beehive!

Tomorrow – the Test – assuming no rain! 🤞