Geysers or thrills? Rotorua

Today is another ‘tourist’ day to explore the delights of Rotorua.

Renowned for its geo-thermal activity – geysers, mud pools, soft smell of sulphur etc – I had managed to see those on my last visit and had a little bit of fun on the (year round) luge.

This time, the opposite – two visits to the luge last night and today and a total of 10 ‘rides’ down the side of a mountain which has developed into a kind of private race/challenge with our TM, just to add a bit of spice – and then the geo-thermal stuff and how it worked (and works) for developing the Māori way of life and culture.

Time prevented a full geo-thermal experience but the lady in the car park showed a trail abutting the hotel and overlooking a steaming smelly pool of bubbling water.

Given that this has been here for thousands of years, producing heat and steam non-stop makes you think of the massive powers under our feet; and tragically all too evident in many places across the globe.

The ‘fun’ stuff here is really fun – and yes children I will act my age. The luge is just one option – swings (not the typical garden type but industrial sizes where you can terrify yourself to death and even youngish children allowed but I reckon could be traumatised for life 😜), zip wires, walkways etc.

I recommend searching the web for videos of the Rotorua luge and you’ll gain an impression of the fun you can have! 🤣

There’s so much other stuff offering you the chance to scare yourself and others witless! And that’s the polite word!

Not quite as mad as Queenstown but close (and yes, dear reader, I should be there next week!). So if the geo-thermal stuff doesn’t get you, the fun stuff will.

The good news is that this NZ organisation is building luges in Sheffield and Swansea ready to open next year!

Definitely worth another visit and since there’s so much fun today…very few photos!