Today’s tourist ‘stuff’ is a transfer from Tarunga to Rotorua via a tour of ‘Hobbiton’ – the film set cum tourist attraction from the Hobbit/Lord of Rings franchise.

I must admit that I’ve never Tolkeined nor seen any of the films so I have only what others have told me to go on – hairy feet seem to be a common thread!

So it’s a film set, tourist attraction and gardens all in one in the middle of a working farm. A wide range of photos to enjoy. Good fun nonetheless!

All I’d say – but then, dear reader, you probably have a view of my world – is check the numbers in each tour party (at least three per hour) at NZD90 each…and do the math! Even 1% off the top for the film director is not to be sneezed at !😜

My only concern was when the guide started talking about ‘real hobbits’ – I think she may be too closely involved! 😜

Just thought we were being watched?
There’s a group ‘visiting’ every 20 minutes – you can do the math!
And a bit of magic of my own!