Gold from Anderson!

The really BIG news is that I was reunited with my luggage after 8 days apart – not really an emotional reunion, but pleasant nonetheless, especially after wearing the same trainers, the same trousers, the same… (you get the drift) for that long!

There’s nothing really anything remarkable about today’s play – early wickets, a little bit of resistance towards the end but the damage had already been done. The Kiwis gave the impression that they didn’t want to be there and after 100 minutes they were granted their wish.

Other media outlets will offer their own views on the match but all I’ll say is that the penultimate Anderson over was his best of the match – fast, high pitched bowling against a genuine #11. Not necessarily the purest in terms of fast bowling but from a photographer’s perspective – pure gold. Here’s what I mean!

Keep your eye on the ball? But don’t turn you back (no contact with the head)

And whilst dear reader you may think that I’ve been a bit harsh on Broad – one can, occasionally, get a decent photo from his bowling!

So a few snaps of the short day at the Test. Move on to Wellington via Rotorua and, dear reader, some tourist ‘stuff’ to follow this week! Probably including ‘the Ascent of Mount Manganui 2’

In the interim enjoy these…(short stuff from Anderson)!

This time ‘I’m going to look in another direction?’
Wagner handles this from Anderson well
The self-anointed ‘hawk’ in full flight
Jimmy still not looking where he’s bowling (Benaud famously said ‘he’d never be a bowler if he doesn’t look to see where the ball’s going!)
And again!
Multi-coloured salt mountain
Mount Manganui