Unexpected bonus!

Thanks to Gabrielle I’ve been able to have an unexpected bonus of a day in Singapore (my first experience of it). Singapore Airlines have done a great job in the circumstances and I’m scheduled to leave on a flight at 1am local time for the next leg and in time for the Tests.

Whether my luggage makes the same journey at the same time remains one of the mysteries of the modern world and I’m sure, dear reader, will keep you on tenterhooks wherever you are reading this.

If it does accompany me…then fragrance and fashion flourish; if not…well, just let’s say I’ll be getting a row of seats to myself!

But today – once travel had been sorted – was an exploration of Central Singapore. I’ll let you into a secret – I’d already planned a visit here in May for family purposes; so today was a good recce.

But enough of this – time to be a tourist – and a few snaps of some iconic places. Incidentally finding the Cricket Club was a must and since it’s overlooked by the Supreme Court I doubt if much goes unpunished on the field!

Isaac Newton as seen by Salvador Dali!
I was too late with my cattle and horses!
Museum of Asian Civilisations
The old and the new
This building fascinates me – is the roof on the right curving inwards or outwards?
Singapore Cricket Club pavilion
The saucer shape is the Supreme Court overlooking the field of play!
Impressive entrance for a cricket club!
Again…inwards or outwards?
Can you be sure?


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