2022 – Year in review

It’s usual at this time of year to look back at the last 12 months and contemplate the opportunities and hopes for the next 12; so with the world seemingly in ‘limbo’ after the excesses of Christmas and the arrival of the New Year, here’s my attempt at looking back.

All of the photos in my blogs are all my own work – enhanced (?) this year by the discovery of a snazzy piece of software which can make the ‘run of the mill’ photos into something a bit more interesting and what you wouldn’t necessarily see at first.

Of the thousands of photos I’ve taken in 2022 here are a few of my ‘favourites’ – and it seems, dear reader, that you prefer pictures to words. So, I’ll try fewer (or is it less?) words in 2023 and more photos.

Da Silva ‘avoids’ the short stuff from Mark Wood – Antigua March
Little did we know that after this century in Antigua Jonny would scale the heights!
But there was still some cloudy thinking as Ben Foakes misses a straight one!
Catch of the day – Matt Fisher in Barbados
Some grounds are just so scenic as to take your breath away – Grenada
The memorial to indigenous people in Grenada who were driven over a cliff to their deaths by the invading French in the 17th century
Caribbean sunset (Grenada)
It’s surprising the number of cricketers who use their tongues to concentrate!
And no one watches County Cricket?
And more fast bowlers seem to grow their hair long – makes for good photos!
A bit of trickery for this maize field but the number of ‘faces’ revealed is surprising
Trickery here too
National Covid Memorial Wall – lest we forget.
So true!
And perhaps the abiding memory from 2022 – The Mall September
Surrey’s championship!

To those of you who follow my ramblings and photos (and there were over 11,000 ‘hits’ this year!) I thank you and wish you happiness and health for 2023 and stand by for views from NZ, Australia and possibly Singapore!

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