Waiting and watching

Some people wonder why we watch or play cricket? What is it about 11 players per side, plus umpires and scorers (not forgetting the most important people – those providing the food and drink) running around a field brandishing pieces of wood, throwing and bowling a hard ball at each other and putting sticks in the ground?

I know that’s a basic view of cricket and dear reader, you know there’s a lot more to it than that…but according to this years Wisden almanack, there’s a theory that cricket has Icelandic roots! Whatever version they played or invented was far from genteel, included killings, beheadings and other activities more akin to Game of Thrones. (Confession time – I’m probably one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t seen even one episode of GoT…I’m working on hearsay).

So, I’m very pleasantly surprised to arrive at Lord’s today to find over a hundred like minded souls who have turned up in the rain and in the full knowledge that play is unlikely for a few hours but are more than content to watch it rain, engage in conversations, read or even write blogs!

There’s an accepted level of idiosyncrasy in society generally and today those of us in that category are here in numbers!

Relaxed England captain waiting like the rest of us!
Surprising number of drain outlets in the outfield !

After the rain stopped and whilst the ground was being made ready, a walk around a quiet Lord’s gives the chance to find a few nooks and crannies…

Under the walkway between the new stands
Any ideas?
Surprising amounts of greenery off the pitch!

A delayed start at 2.40pm means 40 overs lost to the day – some can be recovered tomorrow and Sunday. A cooler (or ‘fresher’ as weather people like to call it) day and the ball is doing a bit more than yesterday.

Durham lose two quick wickets but Trevaskis makes his 50 as he’s joined by Carse as they add a handy 50 odd. Carse is just the person for a few lusty blows when you need to score that next batting point – and he does, with one ball to spare but not without dispatching Hollman into the top tier (yes, top) of the Tavern Stand and Holden sent to retrieve the ball! Hollman is still learning his craft!

Carse gives it some welly!
Holden looking for the ball!
Found it!

Eventually Durham subside for 350 with Trevaskis 80no. Batting isn’t easy but with application and cutting out the silly shots, runs can be scored. This is not the score the Middle had in mind at 11.00am yesterday but let’s see what the last session brings.

Well that passed without too many issues until just before the end Stoneman goes swiftly followed by Bamber as the night watch leaving the Middle on 88/2. Unless someone grabs this game by the throat (cue B.A. Stokes?) then there’s little chance of another 28 wickets falling in the next two days to force a result but we’ll be waiting and watching!

PS thank you to everyone who flocked to the previous blog/rambling in such numbers as to break all records! Greatly appreciated.