Surrey impressive as Hampshire collapse (twice!)

The first hour of day 3 progressed with few alarums for Hampshire; Barker went to his 50 with a six, Fuller slowly accumulating runs. But at 222/7 Overton suddenly found that extra pace and a spot where things would happen. Suffice to say that in taking 5/54 in the innings Hampshire folded at 223ao.

Bowler and batter merge into one?
Fuller drive
How straight is Overton’s arm?
Barker still had time to look round to see the catch taken!
It’s often said the ball before often gets you out! Abbot – ball 1
And ball 2 spooned to square leg!
No, not a trick shot/photo!
Fuller is last to go; where the other bail is…?

Following on Hampshire have made a better fist of things albeit that they’re 46/2 at lunch, Gubbins and Holland each getting caught. Still 198 behind.

The pitch at lunchtime seems to be getting dryer and more bat friendly but then what do I know just from looking at a patch of grass? Why is it that grown ups will stare at a strip of cut grass and make profound announcements? No one looks at my lawn and comments but then it’s not professionally cared for (and badly cared for on an amateur basis!).

The afternoon session was going Hampshire’s way at 141/2 until Weatherley (tipped for England I seem to recall) went for 87, Vince just before tea for 57 and Dawson to leave the visitors at 181/5 – still 63 behind. Surrey are missing Roach’s bowling and wicket taking so it’s a bit heavy weather for them. Will it be over today? Or will there be another rearguard action giving Surrey an awkward amount to win?

Brown avoids a nasty one!
Fuller just lets it pass!

In the end, that was an impressive win by Surrey against a fancied side who collapsed before and after tea for 86/8 in a total of 227. To dismiss a side in basically two sessions with your main strike bowler hors de combat shows this is a side not to be trifled with and markers set down for the season. And to take 13 wickets in just under a day’s play…!

I commend both sides for a reasonable over rate and minimal interruptions for gloves, helmets, pads, drinks, towels, messages from home, and anything else to slow okay down!

The only thing Hampshire got right was winning the toss but then decided to field. Whereas Surrey hardly put a foot wrong. Somerset awaits next week!

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