Spice island

With the test series over and my original return date pushed back two days, there’s more time to explore Grenada, which markets itself as the Spice Island.

It’s not hard to see why – nutmeg grows wild and on farms, cashews by the roadside, peppercorns in abundance, cocoa trees everywhere plus mango trees (two types – stringy and not-stringy), breadfruit trees, jackfruits, cinnamon trees, local fruits and spices – just to name a few. The whole island seems to be covered in lush green vegetation – either agricultural, home produced or rain forest but the level of rainfall is declining (so much so that crayfish no longer frequent Crayfish Bay) but somehow things flourish.

So it was that a small group of us set off for a tour of the island guided by a local travel guide and expert driver – you have to be here; narrow misses of other vehicles and pedestrians are millimetres thin, roads either go up or down – and you need an automatic otherwise you’d be constantly changing gear!

What follows are a few snaps of what we discovered:

Concord Falls
Meet Deavron – he throws himself off the top of waterfalls as a full time job!
His careers advisor suggested being an electrician!
So…his job title is ‘freelance waterfall jumper’?
Chocolate factory – after all, something has got to be done with all those cocoa beans!
Drying/fermenting sheds – not everything is open as the country reopens slowly after the pandemic
The memorial at Leapers Hill – where in 1651, local residents decided to jump into the sea rather than live under a ruthless French regime
The island sits on a volcano so there’s lots of therapeutic volcanic mud for any ills!
And yes, sunset is that glorious!

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