Grenada – spices and gardens

Rather than roast on a beach covered in sunscreen like a Christmas turkey basting in its own juices, today saw an excursion into the ‘interior’ of Grenada and some of the spice gardens and floral gardens this island has to offer.

I can’t remember all the spices, fruits and flowers (sorry) so please just enjoy. It’s worth noting that the floral garden was created from a patch of rainforest just over 11 years ago by a crazy gardener and is just stunning!


Cocoa pod
Would you believe damsons and not grapes?
The inside of the cocoa pod is edible – tastes like acid drops!
The whole pineapple plant only produces one pineapple at a time!
Nutmeg tree
Pepper corn
Donkey-faced ‘something’
The exclusive resort hotel at La Segresse

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