Die Hard – the latest!

As the Oscars reach their fever pitch screaming on early morning news channels here, the die hards were preparing for the worst from an England perspective. Cricket die hards are those who sit through rain showers for most of the day in an English summer knowing full well that the rain is not going to stop, but it just might and then there just might be play.

This is what it means to beat England!
Leach faces the hostile stuff from Joseph
Woakes – ending his last test innings? Will he reappear in an England shirt again?
Now that’s what I call a bright groundstaff
And the locals came too!
Root receives his media briefing of basically ‘don’t say anything interesting’
Man of the match and souvenir
Well deserved lap of honour

And so more than I expected arrived at the National Stadium in St George’s hoping for a miracle of two but knowing full well that this was to be the last Test match (part) day on this tour. Mad we may be, but we’re doing no harm!

And the inevitable happened – Windies win by 10 wickets with more than a day and two sessions to spare; but not without a bit of needle between Mahmood and the Windies quicks. Not clear what that was about but it looked more like rugby handbags than anything else.

By way of useless information – England last won a series in the Caribbean in 1967/8 – over 50 years ago and Englands latest series loss makes it five in a row – not seen since the dark ages!

More erudite and paid media types will pontificate on the inner meaning of each match and the tour but I’ll remember most the short pitched stuff to da Silva in Antigua and how he struggled, his ‘coming of age’ innings here in Grenada and before we wallow in the doom and gloom on the future of English cricket, the sheer brilliance of Stokes’ century in Barbados.

So for those on the same cricket tour thanks for the kind words about my words and photos over the past three weeks.

Readers who prefer the tourist stuff will be pleased as I’m getting out and about away from cricket before I leave Grenada and hopefully some snaps will be worthy of posting (be grateful I’m not inviting you round to see all my photos! I know you have more interesting things to do)

In other news the County Championship starts in eleven days time! Yippee!

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