Positivity and negativity!

What a contrast!

The first session punctuated by rain saw England determined to push on to see if they can optimise their advantage. By lunch the lead is 281 with a nominal 51 overs plus the last hour of 15 but England only have four wickets left so need to be careful. Lawrence and Crawley making 40s, the rest really crashed and burned with 7 or 8 fielders patrolling the boundary to keep the rate down.

With rain around, the rest of the day could be on/off and with an inexperienced attack 300plus could be achievable if WIndies so desire. I suspect that once the declaration comes WIndies will close the game down but who knows? The weather is cooler than expected and with cloud around could help the bowlers but I’m not convinced.

The morning session saw England on the attack so the photos will concentrate on that.

If only Lawrence hadn’t been kneeling!
How many fingers on my right hand am I holding up’?
If you’re going to sweep Joe…
Don’t get caught!
Not everything went sailing!!
Jonny shows how!
Dan can do it with his eyes closed and tongue out (apologies focus is not perfect but I’m a long way away!)
Who needs both hands to bat?
Not always ‘sweetness and light’ – the occasional ‘glare’ helps
Make a wish? 🤣
Tense…all afternoon!

With most of the tour group processing to Grenada in the next few days, the talk today has been on rapid antigen test results – their outcome determines whether you travel or stay! Almost all to date are negative which is reassuring. And mine’s due just as the match could reach a climax!

It seems that England declared at lunch – the crowd only found out when the WIndies bats appeared after lunch! The PA system is at best inadequate but also impossible to compete against the decibel-wrenching ‘disco’ throughout the lunch break and between overs. Apologies to any younger readers for the word ‘disco’ I’m not ‘up with the current terminology’

WIndies set 282 off a maximum of 65 overs at 4.33 per over but I suspect the first few minutes will set the tone for the afternoon. A loss of three wickets fairly cheaply puts England ahead but the resolve and resilience I talked about earlier is going to be needed by both sides!

For the record, the match is drawn and my test result is negative so sorry…more ramblings and photos from Grenada later this week and perhaps the odd tourist stuff too? 🤔

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