Kensington, Barbados – cricket meets Benidorm? 2nd Test day 1

Bridgetown is a city of contrasts and reflective of the multicultural make of the Caribbean as a whole. And it is the venue for the Second Test in this short series.

A few photos of the days action and character of the crowd with words to follow if, dear reader, you are interested!

And cricket is a side-on game?
It’s said fast bowlers are not keen on batters – apologies for what looks like a rude gesture!
Lees – they shall not pass!
Classic pose – but in reality he’d played and missed a wide one!
Lawrence avoids the WIndies short stuff
Brothers in arms!
Not a skill you see every day!

Tests at Kensington are more of a social event than other venues and the crowd is swelled by thousands of England supporters – spilling out all over the island in some places making it more like Benidorm than Benidorm!

Lunch on day one sees England 47/1 – Crawley the early victim due to poor footwork. No changes for the WIndies but Mahmood and Fisher make their debuts for England in place of Wood and Overton. A tense first session continuing the style seen in Antigua. Early days no side ahead.

Slightly faster pace in the afternoon session as England at tea reach 136/2. Root still there with 80 joined by Lawrence 25 after Lees’ patient accumulation for 30 was the only WIndies success. If Lees is that type of player then that’s good as England need someone!

Over rate is exceptional – could finish on time! 😱.

Kensington has the capacity for 28,000 patrons but the infrastructure doesn’t match – three food concessions in one stand of 4,000+ people, add congestion and it’s quite rowdy, but all part of the experience of overseas Tests.

During the afternoon WIndies lost the plot with poor lines and lengths and Brathwaite had to use his front line bowlers to bring back some control but at the expense of their freshness when the new ball was taken.

By close Root had made his trademark hundred – sweeps and hooks – and Lawrence a fine 91 before committing the sin of sins in getting out in the last over.

Really all to play for but England are in the box seat…ready to really rock and roll tomorrow unless the WIndies strike back!

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