Spring is a bit late here…but the colours are worth the wait!

Compared to last year (and everyone is doing a lot of that at the moment as we reach Day 365 plus of some kind of lockdown), the arrival of Spring here is a bit late. Whether that’s due to the weather of late or the weather last year, who knows…but Mother Nature is shedding off her Winter clothes and starting her Spring collection.

You need to look long and hard but the colours are there to be seen and the odd flying insect doing their best to help things along.

And as if to encourage things along…Counties are playing a few pre-season matches but with no spectators (as if anyone is going to sit outside for hours in March in the UK anyway) and it seems that we won’t be seeing any live cricket until mid-May but let’s hope things go as intended.

In the interim, enjoy the colours and the insects ability to hang onto the flowers…upside down!