Live and in Technicolor!

Just take time to go and explore the spectacular Autumn colours! They’re on your doorstep!

In some places summer flowers are hanging on in there whilst just round the corner, Holly prepares herself for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Live and in Technicolor!

    1. Hi

      All ok here thanks; fighting fit and eager for the cricket season!

      Haven’t been blogging lately as there’s only so much you can say about lockdown when the routine is ‘go for a walk/cycle, go food shopping, drink wine – and repeat’!

      The cricket from SL has been great and brought back some lovely memories! Had planned to go back last Spring but the tour got cancelled- and eventually got my insurance paid up but it was a bit of a fight!

      Trust all ok with you – keep safe and healthy- and as soon as I can, I’ll be outside with my camera at the cricket!

      Kind regards


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