The things you see!

In these troubled and worrying days, I’ve been trying to cheer everyone (and myself) up in looking on the bright side – the signs of Spring, even on the dullest of days and so forth. And whilst feedback has been positive in the main, there is a risk that this blog turns into “Gardeners World” or “Flowers we have loved” but this blog is about cricket and travel – and neither are going to be possible for some time as yet so…what do I do?

As an advanced practitioner of social distancing (County Championship followers have been doing it for years!), I’m taking the opportunity of the current sd requirement to look back through my photographs and to try and find the ‘odd’ or ‘unusual’ or the photo or two which didn’t make it to the original post – either because I had too much to say (Editors comment…surely not!) or there were better and more apt photos.

So, here are a few snaps looking at the crowd reaction to the action (or not). And it’s surprising what you see if you look close enough!


It’s not often that leprechauns have been spotted at Lord’s but 2019 saw the first England v Ireland test at Lord’s (and was it hot! Remember those 37C degree days?) and, in essence, no one took too much notice of him! Just look at what some in the crowd are doing – and the guy holding his nose?


The latest in head-wear from New Zealand?


Again, the latest in Kiwi fashion


The sheer intensity from the Essex faithful at ‘Fortress’ Chelmsford!

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition (young readers search ‘Monty Python’).

Royal London one day cup final 2019. A stunning catch on the boundary and ‘the crowd go…’ Well, some do, some don’t!

Crowd humour – Aussie style, Sydney 2018

In amongst the Barmies 2019

Even royals turn up for the Ashes! Brissie…2017

And finally…

Championship cricket can get just too intense to watch! Either sleep through it, go on your mobile or simply hide! Essex v Hampshire 2019

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