There is life beyond the C-word!

My plans all along were to start writing my blog from today showing some of the tourist delights of Southern Sri Lanka before moving on to some cricket later this week. But they have been blown away, so I’ve turned today to life beyond the C-word!

I know my reader was very keen to see more tourist snaps of warm, sunny climes and the delights of Sri Lanka – to say nothing of the cricket – but hopefully my new approach will keep my reader happy!

With no sport to follow now and for the foreseeable future, priorities have had to change and whilst the risk of self-isolation increases, I’m taking the opportunity to keep my exercise regime in place (if not enhanced…since in self-isolation, cycling is still allowed – at the moment) and to intersperse that with long country walks (again keeping distance from others – except dogs it seems!). Indulging in a little photography will also help and will help keep my reader entertained!

The photos may be centred in sunny Essex but today’s expedition shows that Spring is in the air, life is still going on and nature is taking her course.

So…a few sights of Spring, no media hype or feeding frenzy, no panic-demic warnings of the end of civilisation as we know it…just Mother Nature telling us that’s all’s well – just take a few minutes to sit back, peruse and enjoy! And if my plans go according to plan, there will be similar offerings in the coming days and weeks (if not months) as I wait for the cricket season to start!


Practicing self-isolating!

Buds are shooting!
Yes – a ladybird (or Bishee Barnaby as I knew it when I was growing up!) in March!
Collection of fallen trees – looks more poignant in monochrome!
Stripped bark
May flowers are out!

How does it cling on?

Even at an exposure of 1/4000th of a second, the wings are a blur!

Spring colours!


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