Mitchell and Santner…first ever in 140+ years of test cricket?

Today’s a day when pictures speak louder than words since, in essence, England were dire and NZ did what they had to do and are dominating this match.

What I hoped would happen did in that Darren Mitchell and Mitchell Santner batted together. That may sound nondescript but I think it’s the first time that the surname of one batsman is the first name of the batsman immediately following on the scoreboard. I know I need to get out more but this is just crazy! A first in over 140 years of test cricket!

But…in the meantime England were trying…in every sense of the word. There was no plan other than bowl five seamers in rotation. Unless plans change, England will be slaughtered in the next Ashes…if not before!

Mitchell and Santner and Mitchell Santner
In full flight
And what you can do…I can do
Santner hooks for a boundary
Miscues this one…
And a split second later Woakes takes the catch (eyes closed)
Burns…just gets away with it!

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