Fox Glacier mince?

Today arrived with copious amounts of rain, grey and low cloud and the prospect of trying to find something to do in a resort/township which caters 90% of the time for outdoor activities

Nonetheless we Brits, used to a bit of rain, decide that a later leisurely breakfast was the first need of the day and to assess plans afterwards.

Decided not to be deterred by the weather a couple of walks were proposed – firstly to see how far we could get to the glacier itself and then a walk around Lake Matheson as recommended by the locals as something quite special with great views.

Ok…best laid plans! The roads to the glacier were either closed or blocked so to the Lake! And we were not disappointed as the photos show.

We decided that once you’re wet, you’re wet so after a break for refreshment we tried another walking route to the glacier. Again no joy since the path to the glacier car park before you even get sight of the glacier was closed due to a land slip. And here, land slips mean land slips! A colossal area has been affected so try as we might we didn’t succeed.

The only way on a normal day now to see the glacier is by helicopter (very expensive!) but even today with low cloud and now persistent rain none seem to be flying.

So Mother Nature in all her glory was to be savoured and enjoyed on a couple of walks – no mincing to Fox Glacier- over 12 km and 17,000 steps – and not all flat!

The photos don’t really do justice to the sheer variety and greenery or scenery but at least I tried!

Reflections from afar

And when there’s a land slip!!!
And looking in the other direction…see how much Mother Nature has done!

And finally…the national emblem of a silver fern in real life?

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