Reflections…from Glenelg

Some sad personal news overnight from the UK means a time for reflection. For all the cricket watching, travelling, photos and so forth, it’s a reminder that family, friends and loved ones – whom we often take for granted – are the most important things in life. She will be missed.

So today was planned to be quieter than of late after the fun and winnings from the Melbourne Cup yesterday and so there was even more good reason to be so! My first ever bet and it comes in at 12/1! No…I know to quit when I’m ahead!

However, life goes on and today I have few words just some tourist photos of Glenelg, Adelaide’s seaside resort. And whilst it may look warm and sunny, it wasn’t! The strong onshore wind took the mercury down several degrees unless you could find a secluded spot.

The view from Broadway Glenelg
The difference in colours suggests cold!

Sea front houses – the colonial style and the more contemporary – both equally expensive!

Where the rich come to park their boats or should that be moor?
One for Neighbours fans – an original Adelaide tram

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