Downtown Adelaide…tourist photos

From 37C on Thursday to an Antarctic-fed 15C yesterday, today is pleasantly warmer (close to 20C) but appearances are deceptive! It’s not as warm as it looks!

So..whilst one of my camera lenses was being repaired (thank you Qatar Airways for some mishandling during the several security checks along the way), I took to the streets of Adelaide’s CBD for some architectural photos of the more quirky side of Adelaide.

Somehow I was drawn inexplicably to the Adelaide Oval (they’re preparing for the first international of the season there tomorrow) but I saw no one famous so headed back to the CBD.

For all my tourist/photo followers here are a few to be going on with…(by the time I get back to the UK I’ll have hundreds more and can bore people to death…so if I invite you round for the evening to look at my holiday snaps!!!).

Pig in a trough
London has bikes…Adelaide has scooters
Reflecting balls in Rundle Mall
An Aussie thong
Sculpture of cast iron piano
Sculpture in the North Terrace

No – its not rain or water…this sculpture in the North Terrace is meant to be like this!

Reflecting fountains – University of Adelaide
Former colonial king…forgotten which one!
And all roads lead here!

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