Too much geography! ‘I’m a self employed cricket watcher…get me out of here!

One of the delights of Canada is the sheer variety of things to do and see, places to visit and enjoy…especially when it comes to the great outdoors (the climate is such that when it’s warm, you get into the great outdoors since winter lasts so long!).

So today it’s the delights of Hamilton (Ontario), waterfalls along the Niagara escarpment and early evening down by the lake (Lake Ontario that is…one of the Great Lakes). One thing you learn a lot about when you visit Canada is geography!

Deep enough in the forest of the escarpment for my own ‘I’m a celebrity…’ bridge walk!
The owner received a knighthood from Queen Victoria for beating off the Americans!

A brief stop at Castle Dundern in Hamilton (there’s little else happening here on a warm July Monday); but…for Castle read ‘manor house’ (guide book) or ‘Villa’ (as the explanatory signs said) or just ‘house’ – my Essex (UK) readers will understand when I say Hylands House is larger!

And so to waterfalls…for which Hamilton is renowned (as well as being the first host city of the Commonwealth Games in 1930…pub quizzers please note). The famous Niagara Falls cut through the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment (in essence a high ridge of land stretching for miles and miles) which has fertile soil and climate for grape growing (and wine) as well as providing the local rivers with something to fall over. (Told you there’s lots of geography here!). And so some photos of a couple of waterfalls, the escarpment and a bridge for my own ‘I’m a self employed cricket watcher…get me out of here’ photo op!

Tews Falls
Somewhere in there are two waterfalls as you look from Dundas Peak

Views from Dundas Peak looking towards Hamilton

Dundas Peak from the escarpment (the viewpoint of the last photo is the small ridge on the horizon

Webster Falls named after a Mr Webster from Gloucester

And finally, Lake Ontario looking first towards Toronto and then towards Hamilton from a lovely little lakeside village called Port Credit (pronounced PorCredi…v French); and given the size of the properties and yachts dotted around you need a lot of credit to live here.

Hence, as a self employed cricket watcher…get me out of here!

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