More tourist snaps…but none of the nudist beach!

One of the hidden gems of Toronto is the Toronto Islands Park. It costs C$10 to get there by water taxi from the harbour front – a journey of less than 10 mins. It has everything you could want for a day out in all seasons including a ‘clothing optional beach’ and it’s where Toronto goes to relax.

So here’s a few photos to whet your appetite for a visit when you visit!

Stunning cityscape from the Islands

Tranquillity can be found anywhere in the park (even when teeming with people).

Taxis ply for trade…but people tend to go back on the free ferry; doesn’t seem very economical as far as the taxis are concerned.

Bike hire is the best way to get around the islands…they’re car free but home all year round to 700 people, who don’t seem to mind having tourists and park goers passing by every ten seconds or so!

I have more photos but looking at other people’s holiday snaps can be one of the worst types of torture known to man!

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