Happy 152nd birthday!

No one has yet made it to their 152nd birthday (although I’m told pension actuaries have calculated that the first person to live to 150 has been born and is alive somewhere on the planet – some people need to get out more!) so this birthday celebrates Canada being formed exactly 152 years (and now one day) ago.

The twin towers of Mississauga- locally known as the Marilyn Monroe buildings!

So, following my own advice, I’m getting out more to experience Canada Day at first hand in Mississauga Ontario (Mississauga is Canada’s fifth largest city…a useless fact unless you’re doing a pub quiz or TV game show for money…remember you saw it here first!).

Some of my readers will be pleased to see I’m off on more travels which means fewer words and more photos; whilst others may welcome the break from my feeble attempts at reporting on cricket. I’ve left the runfest which is the World Cup behind but should be back to cast an eye over the later proceedings from the UK.

Celebration Square gearing up for celebrating

The celebrations are a time to reflect on the nation as a whole, the equal and welcoming society it has become; ok it has its problems (the neighbours are kicking up more of a fuss than of late) but Canadians are judged on being Canadians, not where they came from, what jobs they do, where they live, what they believe, what they look like or any of the hang ups Europeans and especially Britain has been clinging on to in an anally retentive mode for decades.

It has taken Canada not time at all to be this welcoming – perhaps others can learn how to do it too?

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