Essex v Notts -how to bat (Notts supporters should brace themselves!)

Today, for once, words fail me so I’m going to let the photos do the talking!


Best way to counter spin bowling is to get forward?
Or play and miss to the quicks?
And even further forward?
And play and miss at the other end?

You can’t get any further forward…or can you?
Perhaps Broad will have more luck bowling?


For every Notts lunge, there’s countless straight bat play by Sir A
Even Westley played it straight against the quicks


The exceptionally long arm of Matt Carter
Broad discusses the lbw law with Sir A – or was he asking him about his sheep? Umpire Lloyds doesn’t look that pleased!
The long arm from the other end!
But they’re chums in the end!
Chelmsford city centre – less than two minutes from the County Ground



Facial expressions!