Short but sweet…Day 5 Kandy but news on my bucket and police escort!

For those concerned about my bucket question…last nights rain ran down the walls! Seems that the main leak has been fixed but a new one found.

There is little to add to what has already been written about the win at Pallekelle. The difference between the two sides mathematically was the last wicket partnership by England on the first day. At 225/9 SL should have gone in for the kill but let England get away to 290. Now that would really have made yesterday and today very tense.

Looking ahead it seems that Curran has a side strain and may not be fit for Colombo on Friday so Woakes probably has a good chance. So it could be Woakes, Foakes and Stokes all in the same side as I blogged in the English summer season!

The added bonus to the day was the police escort part way back to the hotel. Those who have been bumped into hotels far away have had a police escort there and back every day and it just so happened to pass us. So, it seems the thing in Sri Lanka when driving a coach is to tailgate a police escort and put your hazards on. What started as a fun journey anyway, got even more exciting for a change!

Rain is forecast for later so I wonder where the leak will be. Time today for resting, getting some gym exercise (I feel as if I’ve been sitting down for a fortnight) and wondering where the leak will be (if any) and chilling after all the excitement.

Hit the tourist trail again tomorrow so less cricket and more other stuff.

One thought on “Short but sweet…Day 5 Kandy but news on my bucket and police escort!

  1. If you can access emails please see mine about England v Pakistan ODI on 08 May at The Oval. We saw the Cape Town Blitz T20 at Newlands on Friday night. Great fun. The Malans opened the batting and although they failed miserably and the CTB’s only scored 180 , once AB was out after a brilliant cameo of 59 for the oppo they never got near the score so the home supports were very happy. £3.50 a ticket and beer/wine £1.50 a pint/glass.

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