Stilts, turtles, the Fort at Galle and commentators laundry

With the first test ending almost on the close of the 4th day, today was ‘cricket free’ and time to be a tourist.

So today there are few words other than the captions for a few of the better photos I have selected.

However, events cannot pass without mentioning meeting the delightful Mrs Agnew in the hotel lift and just sufficient time to ask her why, in her blog, she was concerned about the number of pairs of underpants Aggers had left for her to collect in preparation for the laundry service; she adamantly stood by her claim which was disputed by the editor of her blog (presumably J P Agnew, Leicestershire and England). It’s probably best that we don’t know the accurate answer!

The stilt fishers of Galle. Catches are so small, they earn more from being photographed than from selling their catch

Turtle hatchery… eggs are retrieved, grown in the hatchery and released when ready to help maintain numbers/species
Otherwise hatchlings would have to make it across the beach, avoid the birds and other predators. And they only have little flippers!

The Fort at Galle. There are no signs to tell you or fences to stop you falling over the edg……
The Ramparts Hotel…v colonial in architecture

Up on the ramparts! Still no signs to stop you falli……

Series of historic statues in the Fort ramparts

The view of the test ground from the ramparts. Not sure how much detail you could see

Tuk-Tuks in the Old Fort…not convinced that either advert/markings would give me much confidence to ride in!
The only elephant seen so far!

And finally…cricket is played wherever there’s space! The pitch looks a little iffy but the batsman only had one shot- the same to every ball!

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