Well bowelled!

Wagner in mid air…striving for the next wicket

Hadn’t noticed the Essex accent/estuary English in full voice at Chelmsford until today when Porter and Cook S were encouraged with shouts of ‘well bowelled’. To my warped sense of humour I began to wonder what other modes of dismissal or other cricketing terms could be so mid-treated?

However this is potentially my last visit to Chelmsford for two full months (depends on how ‘work’ finishes tomorrow). August 29 is the next first class game here but it clashes with two other Home Counties games – Middlesex v Sussex at Lord’s and Surrey v Notts at the Oval – reckon that could be the Championship decider!

And no live cricket for the next two weeks! Don’t do T20 as a matter of choice and the tourists match v India holds no attraction as these have lost their value over the years and when 14 play 14 over fixed length innings then I’m being taken for a mug if that’s supposedly first class cricket!

And so the hard work of taking wickets continues with the quicks in action this ‘morning’ as the annoying PA announcer insists on calling the first session of play! It’s well after high noon!

As the sun beats down he then tells us it’s going to be hot(!) and to take precautions. A refreshing breeze has got up so much so that in some parts of the shade at the ground it’s almost blowing a gale…but it makes things comfortable but by the time the evening arrives, it will be as cold as midwinter in the shade. I know other sports play in the cold but not many soccer or rugby matches last over six hours and nor do you need several sets of clothing to meet the temperatures of the day!

Anyway, Byrom is soon gone for 54 which brings Abell to join Hildreth. They add over 70 before the long break, the latter reaching his 50 – why isn’t he in the England set up? What has he done or not done? The PA announcer has caught the one eyed approach – the fifty was only poorly applauded – and the number of balls and boundaries was overlooked too! Shame!

And so the hard work continues!

Abell tries getting forward to Harmer