Maple syrup farming, omelettes in burgers, ice-wine and colonic-style irrigation for the nose! An eclectic mix!

Photos of how to “farm” maple syrup. It takes 40 buckets of sap to make one bucket of maple syrup…and that’s when the trees first ‘wake up’…later it becomes 70:1 – hence the cost!

And a local ‘delicacy’ is an omelette burger – yes, an acquired taste together but ok apart! Have also tried ice-wine from the Niagara region; it’s made from grapes picked when the temperature is minus 10C and made in the same way as ‘normal’ wine. Clearly designed as a dessert wine with a hint of jam as a texture, could be good in a steamed pudding with cream?

And Before the irrigation, the photos…

Tap for sap when it’s cool during the day but freezing overnight…makes the sap rise. If it’s below freezing all the time, no sap!

And it was below freezing today…hence the frozen sap!

And some First Nation techniques still used today!

And a teepee to keep warm in as well as boil the sap!

Seemingly you can buy an irrigation system for your nose and nasal passages which works on the same principle as colonic irrigation except that this system has one hose going in and one coming out. How you decide that you need one or discover that your life is incomplete without this is beyond me and mind-boggling!