Canada – Contrasts, similarities and a job vacancy…should I apply?

For those of us who struggle to understand human nature, try and get you head round this…here in Canada the latest fitness craze is axe-throwing (yes, wood cutting choppers); you can easily buy a gun (but not quite as easily as the neighbours to the South can) but you can’t raise chickens or have them lay eggs in your backyard without contravening several laws!

And when it comes to elections…for a party leader here in Ontario, there are 193,000 registered members in the party but only 64,000 registered to vote in the time given of one week. Most candidates except one disagreed with the time frame, but it was allowed to go ahead. The one who lost the run off in the election then decided they didn’t accept the result and also now disagreed with the one week time frame they and only they agreed to some time ago!

Eventually they conceded but one wonders where good grace and statesman-like behaviour gone – it’s not in the UK and USA and seemingly not here in Canada. Perhaps I should go looking for it? Someone has mislaid it! Rings a bell?

And in the UK the chief cricket selector for the England team has resigned…I’m available to take over…after all how difficult can the job be? Watch cricket day after day, identify the best England players, have a selection meeting, phone or email the chosen 12, encouragement to those who missed out, go and watch every test wherever it’s played, change the team as necessary and repeat until someone tells you to stop and get paid too! Reckon I should apply!

Anyway, some more photos for my travel followers of ice carvings by a sandy beach with deck chairs but the temperature is below freezing?

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