Things have moved on…but common sense seems to have gone out of the window.

Have moved on to new experiences after a few weeks back in the UK not helped by crashing (twice) at a taster session at the London Olympic velodrome- reckon have cracked a rib and sprained shoulder ligaments but slowly recovering. Given as a present since I’m impossible to buy for, it seems that my offspring are keen on getting their hands on their inheritance sooner rather than later…but am spending it as fast as I can to reduce their inheritance tax bill when it comes! So have taken myself off to Canada for three weeks and spending time with rellies in Toronto.

It seems that my blog followers are keen to learn of my experiences but as there’s 100% less cricket on this trip than to Oz, the main interest will centre on the photographic rather than any erudition about Canadian cricket!

First impression is that it’s cold! Minus 2 at lunch today and bitterly cold, but to look outside it looks like a grey overcast cool Spring day in the UK but it’s not! This is my seventh visit to Canada over the past 20 years or so and only the second in the cold…but as Britain comes to a grinding halt with a bit of snow and cold weather, the whole country here just carries on regardless!

Seems that there are jobsworths the world over…the local ones here insisted that last September the heating in several apartment blocks was switched on because that’s what the clause in the by-law says. The clause was added when permission was granted to build the block in the first place. The fact that it was 30 degrees C outside last September on the date the heating had to be switched on…and the elderly started to suffer heat strokes and worse with the heating on in hot weather seemed to be beyond rational common sense.

So…public meetings are now being held to gauge opinion as to whether the bylaws should be changed. On the surface it seems overkill and bureaucracy gone mad but there is a wider point at issue – the provision of heating in these blocks is regarded as a vital and essential service and hence regulated (when it gets cold here, it gets cold) but the provision of air conditioning is not an essential service, just nice to have…whereas the residents want both to be regarded as essential. Just goes to show how attitudes, expectations and requirements have changed…all underlined by a lack of common sense at the start.

Turning to cricket…there’s been disagreement between players in the test series between Australia and SA if you haven’t been following it and unpleasantness all round, all feeding on itself across social media. Just goes to show how attitudes, expectations and manners have changed…all underlined by a lack of common sense at the start.

I promise more photos and less philosophising in the next blog!

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