Day 5 afternoon…and England try to find a crack in the defence

Drinks 4/205 Smith 69 Marsh M 8

New ball taken immediately when available when the old ball seemed to be doing a bit but there we are. No wicket fell and Australia just patiently occupied the crease and built a slender lead of 41. Quick wickets are needed by England before the lead gets too large there are still 51 overs to go. The pitch has not deteriorated at all over the five days so it’s hard work for everyone. Thinking outside the box by Joe could be what is needed – he has done it before so where now Joe?

Forecast for tea 5/250 and a lead close to 100.

Tea 4/225 Smith 87 Marsh M 10

England struggling to break through and given the state of the pitch that’s not surprising. Lead is 61 and 37 overs remain although I suspect the game will not go the distance.

Excellent patience and determination from Australia, England running out of ideas. What is alarming is that Malan is bowling before Ali who I think has been uncovered for what he is and has always been…a batsman who bowls a bit but in England had the pitches etc to make him look a better bowler than he really is.

Forecast for drinks Australia 4/268

Another plan for Smith!

Slips this time and let’s attack!

Ground level and side on

Well done Tom!

The view from Bay 13 – those who know their cricket history will know all about Bay 13 and the guy building an idiot and asked for Tufnells brain!

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