Ball tampering or Day 5 – great value for money!

Today’s press is fullness of the alleged ball tampering by England but I won’t add to any comments about interfering with balls! There’s enough innuendo about anyway!

As it’s day 5 I can basically wander anywhere so the photos will be from different and many from vantage points around this magnificent stadium (shame I can’t say the same about the pitch but Athers today in the Australian evoked memories of the Python dead parrot sketch- this pitch is an ex-pitch, it’s bereft of life etc but so true).

Crowd at start max 5,000 and the prospect of a true test of test match cricket. As the guy in the coffee queue said to me…a day for test aficionados. Very true, one to test the skills of everyone…would be even better if the pitch had played its part, but then would we have got to Day 5 and my eking every last dollars worth from the cost.

Forecast drinks 2/170

Drinks 2/138 Warner 68 Smith 32 Australia plod on whilst England strain to take wickets but that doesn’t seem likely as these two seem prepared to bat all day with patience and concentration to match the old days. Only 26 behind and at this rate a draw is the most likely outcome but who knows, two or three quick wickets and England are back on top. Forecast for lunch 2/180.

Lunch 4/178 Smith 50 but Warner went (patience truly tested and fell to golden balls Root) for 86 and Marsh S on the stroke of lunch for 4. New ball is four overs away and will be the key part of today – if England can take two or three quick wickets then the win is on, if not then grinding out throughout the afternoon. Showers are about but none forecast and I’ve left my rain poncho drying out back at the hotel. For those who have been following the blog closely I managed to find all the openings in the poncho yesterday first time and was not subject to any ridicule by anyone. Still got wet getting back to the hotel though. Love the PA system here when it rains…play songs about the rain and other singalongs some of which I recognise but being a grumpy old f**t I don’t know most of them!

Anyway, a lead of 14 abs an intriguing afternoon ahead…forecast for drinks 5/210.

Photos to follow…

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