Day 19 of 25 part deux

Fifty minutes play after lunch before rain interrupted takes Australia to 2/86 Warner 32 and Smith 16. Neither looked in trouble but each side knows these two wickets will decide this match one way or the other. I don’t expect the rain break to be very long but who knows…?

I am going to blog a thought piece about cricket in the Australian psyche and their whole approach to the game but one thing I noticed after lunch was that none of the English team high-fived the guard of honour formed for each team as they come out onto the ground – Australia always do! The guard of honour formed by a group of under-fives who played cricket on the outfield at lunch and some get to meet their heroes – shame on you England!

Rain lasted 30 mins which means no drinks break but 70 mins play to tea – so teatime forecast 2/131

Another rain break after 30 mins play takes Australia to 2/103 Warner 40 Smith 25. Nominally 43 overs to be bowled but we shall lose some I’m sure and make it up tomorrow

Side on views of Smith in action

Tom making every effort and…

If you look up there Mr Ravi you’ll see the rain’s coming so let’s go off and save this test match!

Day 19 of 25 part 1

First ball Anderson goes and Cook carries his bat for a record 244no (record for carrying bat in tests). So was there any real point in batting on? Think we missed a trick and should have declared last night but we shall see. Nonetheless where else would you get a standing ovation for doing nothing as Cook did today – just surreal!

Anyway conditions appear to be English in the extreme – cooler, overcast, weak sunshine etc – ideal for bowling swing and seam but let’s see.

Lead is 164 Forecast for drinks break 1/40.

Drinks 0/44 Bancroft 21 Warner 23. Broad and Anderson bowled well with the new ball but only bowled 5 overs between them before Woakes and Curran took over and seem to be doing ok. Australia has their back to the wall and are looking to occupy the crease and score at a reasonable rate before the ball starts to reverse which is what England are clearly hoping and then bring B&A back to wreak havoc. Field placings continue to baffle but clearly someone somewhere has a plan. Need to take wickets soon but pitch still looks good for batting. Forecast for lunch 0/85

Lunch 2/70 Smith and Warner in for Australia. Bancroft played on as so many have done already and whilst Khawaja has batted Ali out of the game and probably the next test, he fell for an Anderson classic. These two are key to Australia saving this match tomorrow or losing it today. Smith has only made 4 but has got into the bowlers heads…three sets of tactics used in next to no time – someone somewhere will eventually work him out.

Have internet at the ground so could be blogging all day/night/evening wherever you may be!

Forecast for drinks 2/116