Now we need to take 21!

Drinks on Day 1 afternoon 1/131 Warner 100 Khwaja 4 but in the last over Curran had Warner caught by Broad only to have him called back for a no ball! So now we need to take 21 wickets!

Up to that point it had been slow accumulation after lunch. Woakes bowled a lot better but the whole team approach seems off – they give the impression they would rather be somewhere else and on top of that the bowling is still in Christmas mode gifting so much to the batsmen.

Forecast for tea 1/175

Tea 2/145 Smith 5 Khawaja 10 – slow going all round as the bowlers start to take a grip and batsmen start on their innings. Overall not particularly sparkling session but marginally England’s as they took two wickets (three in reality) but another 36 overs to be bowled. One day someone will do something about over rates, we don’t need all the time wasting and conferences and discussions and meaningless drinks breaks, just get on with it!

Anyway, forecast for next drinks break 3/200.

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