Omg…am at the MCG!

There’s the possibility of regular blogs through the day (or night if you’re in the UK/Canada etc) as there’s free Wi-fi here. However suspect that when 90,999 others log on as well, the band width may collapse!

Membership of the MCC – Melbourne Cricket Club not the ‘original’ – is seemingly more exclusive than that in NW8 and from the affluent folk in the boxes behind its clear that cricketing knowledge is not a key to entry! ‘Nufff said!

Am behind first slip at this end (members end I suppose) and in the shade, my seat is cushioned, has drinks holder and two TVs in case I miss the action. This really is something else! Tomorrow I’m at the other side of the ground so am going to make the most of today! No news of toss or teams yet – Ali could be a doubt for England is the overnight news but more to follow…

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