Caterpillars, gum trees and Australian bowlers

There are many and varied dangerous things in Australia – snakes and spiders are well known – but there are caterpillars which will blind you if they squirt you, gum trees are likely to drop branches or keel over at a moments notice (some people have been killed by trees!) and then there’s Australian bowlers- fast or slow- who will take your wicket in a flash. That’s the big danger facing England- the prospect of batting for at least 4 sessions (two under lights in the twilight zone) and probably scoring a record total in a test run chase at Adelaide to either save or even win this test match.

But first Australia either need to be bowled out or declare. Current wisdom is that 350/375 should be enough to secure Australia a 2-0 lead.

However they start on 4/53 – forecast for lunch Australia 175 but not sure on numbers of wickets

On the stroke of tea or the short break Australia all out for 138 – no one really getting in but Anderson took his first 5-for in Australia and ripped out a couple last night and three more today. English outcricket looked shabby at times and Ali looks increasingly ineffective and a pale shadow compared to Lyon. Not sure why Overton was not used – perhaps he was tired from all his top scoring batting!

Sitting under the fig trees at the Cathedral end for the tea break brings a new perspective to the game. And one of the true iconic places to watch cricket (not on a par with the Pavilion at Lord’s but not bad nonetheless). Haven’t dreamt of watching cricket from there for quite so long as cricket on Tv from Australia in the 1960s was filmed highlights a week or so after the event but have lived another part of the dream!

Managed to walk through the Barmies without being recruited although they were excited about England!

England need 354 – forecast for the long break 2/90.

Cook looks so out of touch -he’s a class player so will come back whilst Stoneman is visibily growing into the role.

Test cricket here in Adelaide is like nowhere else- people come and go back to the city whenever they feel like it, families arrive or just turn up when school ends to watch the game – all v relaxed unlike the UK where once you have your ticket and a seat you stay there!

Am not convinced that day/night tests will stay unaltered- batting under lights is such a lottery with swing and seam so tactically if you can get the opposition batting twice under lights to your once then you’re home and dry! That cannot be fair?

Long break/dinner England 2/68 Root 7 Vince 8. Stoneman made 36 and is growing into the role but needs to turn good starts into 50s and 100s.

Cricket in Australia is all pervading- everyone follows it, children in their millions play it, they go outside and play! Then the clubs take over – you name it there will be a club for all age groups, offices and factories but also women’s teams at all levels – basically get out there, join a club, make friends and play cricket! What do we need to do in the UK to come anywhere near close?

Forecast for the drinks break in the twilight zone – England 4/150

Some useless stats…Overton was third best score by a #9 on debut for England, last time three caught and bowled in succession was in 1962 and since 1990 Australia have won all 25 tests where they led on first innings by 200 or more!

Drinks at twilight 3/117 Root 37 Malan 8, Australia have used both their reviews – somewhat wasted. Slow and solid stuff, England digging in but Root needs to make a big hundred and someone needs to stay with him. Less swing and seam so far compared to last night but full darkness has yet to fall. Forecast for the close 5/175.

am attempting to post this live from the ground!

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